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Welcome to Granite City Discount Marble & Tile in Salt Lake City, the premier online destination for kitchen countertops. But Granite City doesn't just install granite in kitchens—we can help you remodel any room in your home including bathrooms. And in addition to granite countertops, our countertop products include marble countertops, stone countertops, quartz countertops, tile countertops, and so much more. We do it all when it comes to countertops, and we make it our business to pair you with the perfect countertop at a price that meets the needs of your budget.

The term "granite" is used to cover a group of related stones, all of which have their origin deep in the earth′s molten mantle. As this extremely hot liquid material rises and cools, it forms a crystalline, granular structure, hence the term granite. Granite and other granite-like stones are formed of very hard minerals such as quarts, feldspar and mica, which are fused together into a very hard stone ideal for kitchen countertops because its polish is resistant to acids and is hard enough to resist scratching from knives, pots and pans.

Granite is commonly used for countertops as well as for floor tiles, wall tiles, other surfaces such as fireplaces, tables, steps, thresholds & windowsills. It′s much harder then marble and can be used practically for anything in your home or business.

Today′s designers choose granite as the ultimate custom countertop material. Every home magazine features natural stone over other plastic or artificial products. And thanks to our improved fabrication processes, natural stone is also priced competitively with other solid surface alternatives. Contact us to find out how granite countertops and natural stones in general can enhance your home! Or click the estimate link to receive a free estimate for your granite project.

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